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Do you need a drain snake?

Katy Plumbing Service offers a drain snake service to clear out your clogged drains.

If your drains are clogging, or there’s low water pressure in your pipes, you may need to have your pipes professionally cleared. Although some clogs clear easily from the opening of a drain, most are out of reach and out of sight.

For this reason Katy Plumbing Service Plumbers use a drain snake to pull out those clogs that you can’t see.

How does a drain snake work?

A drain snake is a plumbing tool to pull out hard-to-reach blockages from a pipe. The plumbing tool gets its name from the long metal cable that extends through the pipe, looking like a snake. Here’s how it works:

The plumber extends the drain cable using a crank arm. As the cable moves through the pipe, it twists and scoops up debris and other kinds of hard and soft build-up. Once the plumber can’t penetrate the pipe anymore with the snake, he can reverse the cable to bring it withdraw it. Once the cable is withdrawn, the plumber pulls off all of the collected debris.

What kind of clogs does a drain snake fix?

Although every clogged pipe is different, there are common debris that get caught in pipes and prevent good flow through them. These include:

  • tree branches
  • twigs
  • leaves
  • paper such as paper towels, stationary, tampons
  • diapers
  • cigarettes

These are just some of the hard debris that build up inside of pipes. A drain snake potentially can pull out any of this debris. However, our professional plumbers can alternate the use of a drain snake with a hydro jet, which shoots high-pressure water through a pipe to clear clogs and build up. Read about our hydro jet service to learn more.

Call (832) 225-8086 to talk with our plumbing representative. All estimates are free and there are never any hidden charges.