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Plumbing Inspection

Katy Plumbing Service offers a year round plumbing inspection service for Houston homes and businesses. 

Worried that your plumbing might be failing without you even noticing? 

Hear strange noises from your toilet or within the walls?

Odd odors coming through floor or the sink?

Are your sinks slow to drain? 

Are you renovating or just bought a new house?

If you can relate to any of these question, you may need a plumbing inspection to save on later plumbing failure and emergency problems.

Katy Plumbing Service offers a yearly plumbing inspection to help give you peace of mind with your home or business plumbing system. Many home owners who are moving into a new home may want to consider a plumbing inspection in order to start your stay off right. Indeed, If you are renovating or remodeling, your construction crew is exposing behind-the-wall construction. This is a perfect time to have a certified plumber take a look at the piping which normally hides from view. And if you are building a new property, plumbing inspections are required by law. Why not pass the code inspection the first time by having a licensed plumber inspect the work first?

Houston Plumbing Inspection Service

Our certified plumbers inspection offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your inspection, or feel that the Katy Plumbing Service Plumbers did not finish the job, then they will continue no matter what.

Benefits of a Plumbing Inspection

  • Regular maintenance of plumbing fixtures and devices, such as the water heater, drain pipes, faucets, etc, can extend the life of these plumbing devices
  • Reduce water waste from faucet, pipe, toilet, and water heater leaks.
  • Readuce heat waste through inefficiencies in the water heater and pipes
  • Prevent emergency situations such as flooding or complete loss of water pressure

What does a plumbing inspection involve?

Our certified plumbers will go over:

  • Every toilet will be checked for leaks, corrosion, performance.
  • Faucets are put through a performance test
  • All piping in the sink, shower, bathtub, garage, and outdoor appliances will be reviewed.
  • Every drain will be checked for clogs and cleaned.
  • A tank Water heater will be flushed and inspected for scale build up, corrosion and more.

In short, our plumbing inspection review the interior and exterior plumbing of your home, from the faucets to the water heaters.

Furthermore, our plumbing inspection will review all three types of plumbing pipes in your proprety:

First, the waste pipes, which carry waste away from your home. These pipes must be clean and installed at certain angles to ensure waste efficiently moves away from your proprty.

Second, the vent pipes, in order to ensure that they are correctly regulating the pressure for your plumbing system.

And third, the water distribution pipes, which move water around the house and must keep separate from the waste pipes.

Can’t I inspect my own plumbing?

Some homeowners belive they can perform their own plumbing inspections. Although many devices of a plumbing system benefit from homeowner care, much of what a plumbing inspection covers wil be difficult if not impossible for the untrained homeowner. For example, our plumbers will also perform thermal imaging, which detects different levels of moisture build up in your home. Many times moisture levels cannot will go unnoticed until they have built up into an emergency, and done much of the damage to your flooring, walls, pipes, and other devices.

Even though many homeowners are skilled at fixing and detecting plumbing problems, very few have the technology to perform a thorough inspection.

Call (832) 225-8086 to schedule your plumbing inspection or find out more.