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Katy Plumbing Service is your #1 Plumbing Service in Houston


With over 35 years experience plumbing Houston homes and businesses, our certified technicians have the know-how, the experience, and the training to deliver top-quality plumbing services with a satisfaction guarantee. Read about some of our plumbing services below.

Why choose Katy Plumbing Service Service?

  • 100% guaranteed warranty on all parts and labor starting at 6 months
  • Over 35 years expert experience
  • Same day response guaranteed
  • Licensed, bonded, and highly-trained plumbers
  • Emergency plumbers 24 / 7, 365 days a year

Don’t see the service you’re looking for? Call us at (832) 225-8086 to find out if our technicians can help you anyway!


Sump Pump Install & Repair

A sump pump is plumbing machine that removes mostuire from an area. You’ll often find them installed in basements and sections of a property below the water table. Although Houston homes in general do not have basements, a sump pump may still save you in the long run, especially if your cement foundation (slab) is at risk for leaks, cracks, and flooding.

Tankless Water Heater Install & Repair

Although traditional tank water heaters are touch, hard-working devices, tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity for a number of good reasons. Despite the fact that they tend to cost more to install up front, the long-term savings are great. Plus the fact that they have an endless supply of hot water, have more consistent hot water, use less energy, and tend to have a longer life span than traditional tank water heaters, make these tankless heaters an obvious choice for many Houston homeowners.


On Demand / Instantaneous Water Heater Install & Repair

On demand and instaneous water heaters in general are another name for tankless water heaters. There are a number of brands that Katy Plumbing Service Pluming installs and repairs. Call now to learn more!


Solar Water Heater Install & Repair

Because solar water heaters collect energy from the sun, they essentially provide hot water without the electric costs of traditional tank heaters and tankless heaters. These high-tech solar heaters are becoming more attractive for Houston homeowners with a lot of roof space. Learn more about whether this high-tech option is right for you!

Drain Cleaning

Katy Plumbing Service offers many kinds of drain cleaning services. In short, any kind of clogged up, slow-moving drain our plumbers can clear. Your drain pipes can clog for many reasons: collapsed pipes, tree roots and leaves invading the pipe, grease build up, and other debris getting stuck that cannot break down and shouldn’t be put down the drain in the first place, such as diapers, cigarettes, and paper towels, to name a few. Our certified plumbers can offer free estimates over the phone and guarantee no hidden costs.  There are many ways to clear a drain pipe, including using a drain snake, a hydro jet, or high-pressure water stream. Learn more here.


Drain Snake Service

A drain snake is a plumbing machine that has a long cable which the plumbers cranks to extend down a clogged pipe. It’s used to release debris caught in a pipe, blocking it up. When the plumber retracts the cable, the snake pulls up a lot of debris with it, clearing the pipe. Some pipes will cough up the clog easily with a drain snake, while others might need a high-pressure stream, such as a hydro jet. Our certified plumbers can employ any plumbing device that will do the job of clearing your clogged pipes.


Hydro Jet Service

A hydro jet is a high-pressure water machine that sprays penetrating amounts of water down a pipe, forcing out clogs that have blocked up a pipe. These machines often shoot an overwhelming amount of water, often in multiple directions, effectively breaking up stuck debris, tree roots, and other hard or soft blockages. Our certified plumbers specialize in hydro jet clearing.


Garbage Disposal Install & Repair

One of the most frequently used plumbing devices in any home, the garbage disposal is also one that can easily malfunction. The good news is that fixing a garbage disposal is often a fast and thorough job. Don’t leave a garbage disposal broken for long — the particulate in the drain will start to smell. Our certified plumbers can troubleshoot the issue with your disposal and fix it sameday. We also often many brands of garbage disposals and can consult and implement a new install.

Call Katy Plumbing Service for these plumbing services and others at (832) 225-8086