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Katy Plumbing Service is your #1 Drain Cleaning Company.

Katy Plumbing Service are professional licensed and bonded Drain Cleaning Company in Houston TX. Our service technicians are on call 24 hours a day for any of your Drain Cleaning needs. When you need your Drain Cleaned, Katy Plumbing Service Plumbing Service is here to help!

We’ve all had problems with our sinks before, which often go like this: you turn on the faucet to wash your hands, the dishes, or yourself and the bath, and when you’re finished, the water doesn’t drain. Instead, it builds up. Perhaps it slowly disappears down the drain. Or even worse, the dirty water may stand in the clogged sink, not moving at all. If this is your problem, you have a few options:

Drain Cleaning Houston Solutions

1. Fix the drain yourself.

2. Ask a handyman friend.

3. Hire a professional plumber.

Indeed, there are plenty of ways to fix your own clogged drain. In fact, Katy Plumbing Service is happy to show you for free! Skip ahead to read the basic steps to unclogging a slow or clogged drain. Also, our blog features several How-To’s for drains. (And we are adding to this educational approach to plumbing weekly.)

But if you are ready to hire a professional, here are several reasons to call Katy Plumbing Service.

Why Hire Mr Fixit Plumbing to clean your clogged drains?

1. Our professional plumbers offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 6 months on all parts and labor. That means 180 days of clog-free pipes and fast-flowing water. Either that, or your money back.

2. For over 35 years Katy Plumbing Service has offered drain cleaning services. So the question is, just how many drains have our plumbers cleaned in more than 35 years? Although it’s a good question, we lost count long ago. You’ll be hard pressed to find more experienced plumbers and drain cleaners.

3. No hidden fees. In fact, our plumbers can often quote you over the phone the price of the service. However, because there can be many reasons a drain clogs, from simple to severe, our plumbers will offer an estimate and have a more accurate quote after inspecting the cause of the drain problem.

4. Fully licensed, trained, and friendly plumbers.

5. Well-reviewed from satisfied Houston customers.For example, here is one review from a satisfied customer on Yelp:

I needed a plumber ASAP and I found this plumbing company next to my house I call them and I told him I need somebody soon as possible. They told me over the phone how to shut off the main water line to prevent more damage to my house. Thank You for help me with my situation and I will definitely use your plumbers again and again

For all these reasons, call the professional plumbers in Houston now at (832) 225-8086.

What about plumbing coupons? Yes!We do offer plumbing coupons. Check out our coupons today to use on your drain cleaning service!

In conclusion, if you’re ready to call a plumber today to fix your clogged drains, call us!

How do I clean a clogged drain?

However, if you’re NOT ready to call a plumber, Katy Plumbing Service is happy to offer free suggestions to clean your drains yourself.

But first, before you can do drain cleaning, you have to know what causes clogged drains in the first place.

What causes slow and clogged drains?

Clogged drains are a universal Houston residents’ problem. Indeed, most Houston homeowners and renters have had the experience of washing your hands or the dishes, and the water remaining in the sink way, way too long. So what causes this frustrating build-up of dirty water?

In short, there are several possible reasons your drains clog. One plumber put it liks this: “collapsed pipes, tree roots, sludge, gas intake, buidl up, you name, I’ve seen it.” Let’s break that plumbing statement down a bit.

Houston pipes can take a huge beating from weather, from the environment, and from you. The nasty stuff that goes through the pipes can build up to such an extent that a clog forms. Also, an outside force may block the pipe from functioning right. For example, a tree root may grow through the pipe, stopping it up. Or the pipe may collapse because of a shift in the ground. Another possibility – for extremely old pipes – is simple rust and erosion.

Unfortunately, most causes of pipe clogs cannot be seen. Why is that? Because you can’t look at your pipes. Indeed, most of your piping is built inside the walls of your house, under the floor, under a concrete slab, or under a yard. How are you supposed to see inside a pipe to discover the clog?

In most cases, you can’t. However, plumbers can. Why? Because they use a special tiny camera that they insert into the pipe, allowing them to see exactly what’s inside.

But there is good news: in fact, most clogged drains have two sources:

1. The pop-up stopper covering the sink drain.

2. The P-trap under the sink.

Both of these areas of the drain often collect hair and other debris, forming a clog. Indeed the pop-up stopper and the P-trap are the first places to look if your dealing with a clogged drain and want to do a drain cleaning without calling a professional plumber.

Simple Drain Cleaning Houston Solutions

A really simple drain cleaning solution involves simply cleaning out these two areas of the drain: the pop-up stopper and the P-trap. Even if you aren’t a handyman, you can clean these two pipe pieces out in 10 minutes or less. You can use vinegar and baking soda as a cleaning solution if you want, or you can use another cleaning agent to scrub down these pieces.

How do you clean a pop-up stopper and a P-trap?

Mr Fix It won’t go into detail about how to clean out a pop-up stopper and a P-trap here, because our blog will cover this plumbing how-to in the future. However, here is a simple step-by-step to give you the general picture:

Step 1: To clean the pop-up stopper,

  1. Go underneath the sink.
  2. Detach the lever bar from the pop-up stopper arm. This lever bar looks like a metal or plastic ladder that attaches the arm to the drain cover.
  3. Unscrew the nut of the pop-up stopper and pull out the pop-up stopper metal rod. Clean it off with a cleaning agent.
  4. After you’re done, reatach the assembly and turn water back onto the sink. If the sink now drains, you’re done! Otherwise, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: To clean the P-trap,

  1. Turn off the water to the pipes and get a little, shallow tub to catch water.
  2. Unscrew the P-trap nut with pliers.
  3. Pull off the P-trap and inspect it. If there’s any residue, clean it off and scrub it out.
  4. After you’ve reattached the P-trap, turn the faucet water back on and check the drain.
  5. Now that the drain cleaning is done, the drain should quickly remove the water from the sink.

However, if water still builds up in the sink, the drain is still cloggeed, the drain cleaning didn’t solve the issue ultimately, and you’ll need to hire a professional.

How Drain Cleaning Houston Works?

If none of the drain cleaning solutions worked for you, the profesional plumber can use other drain cleaning tools to fix the clog. Although we won’t go into these solutions in detail here (since our plumbing blog will cover drain cleaning solutions in detail), we will say in brief that a professional plumber has many tools to handle the drain cleaning job. Some of these include high pressured hydro-jets, powered augers or snakes, and micro-cameras to see into the drain pipes.

To find out more, simply call Katy Plumbing Service at (832) 225-8086!

Katy Plumbing Service is your Trusted Houston Drain Cleaning Service

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service and professional service in the city. Our fully trained staff has the knowledge and expertise to fix any of your Drain Cleaning needs. We provide excellent customer service because we care about our customers.

We Provide Service all over the Greater Houston Area.

Katy Plumbing Service not only provides professional service in Houston, TX. We also provide Drain Services in Humble, Spring, Cypress, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Katy and The Woodlands. If you need expert plumbing repair or installation, Katy Plumbing Service has the solution for you.

Katy Plumbing Service Provides top Quality Service like:

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  • Expert Replacement.


Katy Plumbing Service values our customers and continues to gain loyalty by providing outstanding customer service and expert Drain services. We pride ourselves as being a customer needs driven company because we care about our customers. Your homes plumbing system is our top priority and we thrive on providing the best plumbing replacement and installation service in Houston.