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Tankless Water Heaters Repair and Install Service

Katy Plumbing Service offers tankless water heater services for Houston homeowners and businesses. Discover the many benefits of this advanced technology over traditional tank water heaters. 

Call Katy Plumbing Service at (832) 225-8086 for a free home estimate on repairing or installing a new tankless water heater.

Traditional tank Water Heaters versus Tankless Water Heaters

Although tankless water heaters have been in use for over a decade, most homes do not have them installed and many homeowners don’t know much about their benefits. Here’s a comparison checklist between traditional tank water heaters and tankless water heaters

Life Span

Most tank water heaters last for 5 to 10, while tankless water heaters can function like new for 25 years or more.

Energy Use

Most traditional tank water heaters use up to 15% of the energy budget of a house, while tankless water heaters use up to 20% less than a tank water heater. Why? Because a traditional tank water heater has to keep the water in the tank hot.

Hot Water Capacity

A tankless water heater really shines in the hot water capacity section because there’s no limit to how much water a hot water heater can heat. On the other hand, a traditional tank water heater can only heat how much water is in the tank. This is the cause of that dreaded moment in the shower when the hot water turns lukewarm and then finally ice cold.

Although in general tankless water heaters outperform traditional tank heaters in many categories, it’s always imperative to have a licensed plumber review your plumbing system set up. Katy Plumbing Service offers specially trained hot water heater plumbers for this review and assessment of your home needs.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

There are 6 clear benefits to using a tankless water heater.

  1. Tankless water heater offers 6 clear advantages over traditional tank heaters:
  2. Tankless water heaters heat water that passes through their heating mechanism. Thus the water never stagnates and the heating mechanism doesn’t build up with rust or scales. For that reason the water coming through a tankless system is often cleaner running than water from a tank.
  3. Tankless hot water heaters are wall mounted and therefore don’t need to take up an entire closet, basement, or large section of a garage.
  4. In general, tankless heaters use less energy than traditional tank models. Thus, you’ll save monthly on your water utility bill.
  5. A tankless water heater can last up to 25 years with few repairs. Compare that to 5-10 years for a tank water heater and you have a clear winner.
  6. Home plumbing systems often ran into problems delivering hot water where and when it was needed for a simple reason: the tank water heater was too small for the plumbing system it was supposed to heat. However, tankless water heaters don’t have this problem. Because they heat water that passes through the heating mechanism, they never run out of water. 

If you’re interested in talking with a certified plumber about installing or repairing a tankless water heater, call Katy Plumbing Service at (832) 225-8086.