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Water softening and purification

Katy Plumbing Service offers water treatment services that feature both water softening and water filtration. The quality of your water is important for your health, your family, and even the lifespan of your plumbing system.

Problems with home water quality

Most problems with home water quality have to do with water that has too many minerals in it. Otherwise known as “Hard water”, this water deposits a lot of minerals and sediment into pipes, eventually clogging them up. This build up of sediment causes corrosion and scaling inside the pipes. Water softening involves removing the hard minerals from water. How can you tell if your water needs treatment? The water leaves stains on dishes, is discolored, doesn’t dissolve detergents and soaps so they stay soapy.

Katy Plumbing Service Water softener solution removes the hard minerals from your water.

Some of the benefits of a water treatment solution include:

  • heather skin
  • shower curtain and bath area without spots
  • spot-free dishes
  • longer life for your plumbing pipes, dishwasher, faucets, and hot water heater.

Call Katy Plumbing Service to learn more about a water treatment solution that’s right for you. Free estimates and consultation over the phone. Call (832) 225-8086 today!